At Kustom Kar we have gathered a select team of installers to cater to meet the needs of any and all car audio installations. We believe that one of the most important parts of any job is what lies behind the curtain. The speaker in your door or the amplifier in your trunk is not always the most important part, but more so how they are installed in the door panel or trunk. Even the simplest job can be done wrong. In our industry its very easy to do a sub par job and get away with it as most things will be hidden from the naked eye. Our installations are done in a manor that if anyone is to go through they would never know we were there or would be amazed and the cleanliness. 

We take care to not only photograph just our finished jobs but also the process and behind those door panels or under that carpet. Even the best products in our industry can be installed poorly and malfunction. We pride ourselves in the fact that when your car comes to us it will be treated in the best possible manor. We make every install the best it can absolutely be by taking the time and care needed. What most call a job we call a passion. Kustom Kar Audio wants you to see that we pay attention to the details, all of them.  Please feel free to take a look at our INSTAGRAM or NAPA FACEBOOK / SANTA ROSA FACEBOOK to see more of our photos with even more to come!