We had a great Ford Excursion come our way from a new customer. He brought it to us unhappy with the system that another store in Napa had put in. He was very upset with the job that had been done as he found the quality of work in general sub par. We went over what he had and took time to pinpoint exactly what his wants and needs were with the vehicle. Priority number one was durability. He wanted to be able to hammer on the system and not worry. Also he wanted to make sure the stuff that went in was able to take a physical beating. We were happy to oblige him. Next we wanted to make sure it was different. He didn't want something that was average or something that has already been done. EASY. Last he wanted to make sure it would last. He uses the vehicle a ton for work and on long trips and wanted to make sure this system would be up for the work. NO PROBLEM. Off we went. we gutted the whole truck including all the old products. 

3 sets of focal k2 power 6.5 coaxial speakers

1 set of focal k2 power tweeters

Arc audio xdi1200.6 amplifier

Arc audio xdi 650.1 amplifier

Arc audio kar 2500.1 amplifier

Arc audio psm digital sound processor

Pioneer avic-8200nex

Samlex power inverter 

Jl audio 13w7ae

2 Jl audio 10tw3's                                            

24 cases of black hole sound deadening

back up camera with plate frame

back up sensors

upgraded alternator 

swapped head lights

 added rear flood lights






custom fabricated metal amp rack with foam stomp bads

matching foam inserts through out vehicle

custom fabricated center console arm rest sub enclosure

full interior color change tan to black-

all door panels rhino lined

We modified his original dual sub enclosure in rear spare tire location for correct mounting, fitment, and aesthetics

removed carpet and replaced with rubber floor mat(full floor)

custom bumper block off plates

custom bracket for back up camera

power wire upgrade for engine

custom fabricated power plate with multiple charging ports.










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